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- Sugar & Spice

- 2000


- (US)
- (D)

- min

- xx million USD

- xx million USD

- Francine McDougall

Buch, Screenplay:


- Marley Shelton
- James Marsden
- Mena Suvari

Sugar & Spice

Inhalt und Kritik

Diane (Marley Shelton, VALENTINE) is pregnant. She's expecting twins. And her friend Jack (James Marsden, X-MEN), one of the stars of Lincoln High football team is happy too. But the problem is that their parents are not supportive at all and the bank isn't giving any money to the sweet couple. So Diane decides to rob a bank with her cheerleader friends. And where do you get the knowledge how to rob a bank. You learn from movies! So every girl rents movies like 'Reservoir Dogs', 'Point Break', 'Heat' and 'Dog Day Afternoon'. Because the Beatles are wrong 'Love is not the only thing you need' - you need money ('The Flying Lizards' expressed that feeling in one of her songs)!

With Betty doll masks they finally get it on. The movie is entertaining. With a good cast including 'American Beauty' Mena Suvari in a supporting role. There are lots of funny references what kids nowadays like beginning with movies, music (Madonna everywhere) and late night talker Conan O'Brien one of the cheerleaders fantasizes about. Marla Sokoloff (DUDE WHERE'S MY CAR) who actually tells the story about the girls from the beginning is great and has the best lines as the selfish traitor (she is only in the B-squad and not in the A-squad the other gitrls are). Over all not quiet as funny as the other cheerleader movie with Kirsten Dunst (Bring it on - has also much more real cheerleader scenes and a great soundtrack) but worth checking out.

But beware sometimes the actors play like in a kinda way that you get the feeling you're watching a soap opera on speed. It's so over the edge! Maybe a little too much. Surprising for me to see Sean Young again playing a bitchy convict and mummy of Mena Suvari. Hell, she has changed I nearly didn't recognize her.


What I liked about the US-DVD was the setting. It's like interactive Monopoly as on the fields where you normally buy your street you get access to the movie in full screen and 1:2.35 Widescreen (non-anomorphic) - both on one side. When you go to the cast section the actors are presented in 'usual suspect' kinda way. There are also 4 alternate deleted scenes one of them they cut out for a PG-13 rating. Besides that there's the trailer and the script for DVD-ROMs and the original website which is always a nice feature (you learn that Cameron Diaz and Alicia Silverstone are in the cheerleader hall of fame...). But the InterActual DVD Player is crap.


Markus Klingbeil. 20.01.2002
Bilder (c) Filmverleih

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