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Bilder © Mei Ah
**** God of Gamblers 2
- God of Gamblers' Return

wong jing

The movie starts 4 years after the first of the GoG-series. Mr.Ko (again Chow Yun Fat takes over the part) lives far away from the troubled Asian world with his pregnant wife in a beautiful mansion near Paris/France. He doesn't gamble any more. Everything is fine till Ko's old friend and bodyguard appears to warn him that old enemies have spotted his location.

During Ko's absence the bad guys go for his wife and the unborn child. She dies in his arms but he has to promise not to reveal himself as the true 'God of Gamblers' and not to gamble within the next year. So Ko travels around for a while till the year is nearly over but he is still full of vengence. When he makes friend with a Taiwanese he becomes witness of the murder of his new friend and rescues his young boy. Being charged with kidnapping Ko and the boy have to run from the police... and Ko is counting the days to revenge the death of his family in a final play.

The sequel delivers. More gunplay (it start's with a bang and lots of bad guys drop dead), a fugitive plot, less cardplay, some supernatural abilities, the child factor and fine supporting actors make this more entertaining IMO than the original film. And there's comedy too, but in a more likeable way. You may recognize Chien Lien Wu in 1997 'The Intruder' (Kong bu ji).

DVD (Mei Ah, NTSC, codefrei)

The transfer is better than Meih Ah did with God of Gamblers and it's presented in a nice 1.85:1 ratio. The white subtitles (non-removable Chinese & English) are sometimes not easy to read. The menu is as simple as it can be. And there's only the trailer as an extra.

Text © Markus Klingbeil

God of Gamblers 2 - God of Gamblers' Return

(God of Gamblers 2 - God of Gamblers' Return)

Hong Kong 1994. Farbe. Originalsprache: Kantonesisch. Länge: n/a. Bildverhältnis: n/a Kinostart: n/a. Budget: n/a . Einspiel: n/a. Regie: Wong Jing. Buch: n/a. Screenplay: n/a. Kamera: n/a. Schnitt: n/a. Musik: n/a. Darsteller: Chow Yun-Fat, Tony Leung Ka-Fei, Chien Lien-Wu
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