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*** Black Sheep Affair
allun lam

Terrorists have taken over a plane and threaten to kill all hostages if the police don't allow them to leave the airport. Arthur (Chiu Man Chuk) and his colleagues from special forces try to overwhelm the gangsters but it doesn't work - passengers and police men get killed. Against orders Arthur wants revenge and jumps on the plane to kill the gangsters. It works but because he didn't obey his commander he is sent to Litavia to join the staff of the Chinese ambassy. On his arrival he becomes witness to multiple murders and manages to catch a mass murderer who claims himself to be a messias who has to 'clean' the country. The situation in the already unstable country becomes worse, riots are becoming more violent. And Underground terrorists try to free their master. Besides this serious problem Arthur meets his former girlfriend Tammy again and is really confused how to handle this event.

THE BLACK SHEEP AFFAIR begins with a bloody hijacking sequence with kungfu-kicks and shoot-outs followed by a well-done man-against-man fistfight between our hero and the evil guy (later in the movie they do it even better). Lots of action sequences (in the end an ambassy gets destroyed !), cars get blown up, machine-guns fire and lots of kickboxing (of course also in slow-motion) to follow. Between all this action there is time to develop the romance plot which ends unusal (not as you know from American movies). Chiu Man Chuk (The Blade, Body Weapon) as the thoughtful, good-tempered policeman is always fun to watch and does a great physical job.

DVD Hongkong Legends has as usual done a good job with animated menu, a dual language presentation (English dubbed and Cantonese with English subtitles), 16:9 anamorphic feature presentation, a photo gallery, text info and an interview and fight demo (not good quality) with the leading man Chiu Man Chuk (previously seen on the 'Body Weapon'-DVD).

Text © Markus Klingbeil
VÖ: 14.07.2001



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